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Rick Langui  

Chair, Recreation Commission

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house 4988 Route 22
     Amenia, NY 12501



Sign up forms for Amenia Recreation and Travel Baseball/Softball may be downloaded here.


Recreation Committee Mission Statement
The Recreation Commission is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that enhance the quality of life for residents of all ages in Amenia.  We attempt to accomplish this through a diversity of recreational, social and educational programs, services, events and facilities that meet both the individual and community needs.

The Amenia Recreation Commission was formed on May 3, 2005.  It is made up of volunteers, appointed by the Town Board, who have a desire to help sustain and improve all recreational offerings.  The Commission governs all Town Recreation activities, including but not limited to:

    • Program Administration (Maintenance, Creation or Elimination)
    • Planning
      • Rec Master Plan
    • Publicity (Flyers, TV, Internet, Newspaper, Schools, etc.)
    • Questions, suggestions and Concerns


Name Title Contact Phone Term End
Scott Russo Member Email (   ) 12/2024
Chip Watt Member Email (845) 789-1032 12/2018
open Chair Email
Chris Klingner Member Email (845) 373-9037 12/2020
Linda Gregory Member Email (845) 625-8293 12/2021
Michele Somogyi Treasurer Email (845) 877-9430 12/2022
Peter McCaffrey Secretary Email (845) 877-0467 12/2022

To find out about upcoming Commission meetings check the Town Calendar.  For your convenience minutes from previous meetings are posted on this website.

Recreation Liaison

One or more members of the Town Board are always designated as the Recreation Liaisons.  This was done to streamline communications between the Recreation Commission and the Town Board. 

Recreation Department

This department consists of paid employees, hired by the Town Board, who work together with the Recreation Commission in order to help them fulfill their mission. 


Amenia Recreation has always been fortunate to have a very dedicated group of volunteers.  If enough volunteers are not available costs rise, programs are negatively impacted or can sometimes be dropped completely.  If you have an interest in a particular program (even if it doesn't exist), have some time and are willing to help contact any member of the Recreation Administration.  Your help is always needed and appreciated.  Thanks!

For more information refer to the Recreation and Parks pages.